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Production-warehousing complex


Bratislava III., Rača

Logistic and production projects

     Production-warehousing complex is situated in town district Bratislava Rača in a location called “Žabí majer”. Three warehousing halls are sited on area of 24.233 m/sq with built-up and hardened area of 13.644 m/sq. Area of the halls is in the range from 670 m/sq to 1055 m/sq. Full height of the halls is from 6,5 to <metricconverter productid="8 m" w:st="on">8 m</metricconverter>.      From the function-operational point of view the halls are designed for warehousing services. There are distribution systems of basic engineering networks in the complex.
The entire complex is guarded 24 hours.